A fully online set of six fundamental Ocean science courses (BASE) valid for 30 ECTS were redesigned, updated and delivered in the Moodle learning environment. All six courses were approved and made available across the 11 partner universities in the IMBRSea.

Six fully online interactive courses which are outlined as fundamental courses in ocean sciences:

-Marine Ecology
-Quantitative Methods in Marine Sciences
-Marine Policy and Governance
-Marine GIS and Spatial Planning
-Marine Genomics


A set of 43 Short online courses (SOCs) were designed to support basic courses and to expand student's background on ocean life learning and supporting fundamental courses. The SOCs are deliver in the Moodle learning environment.


-An inventory of digital learning tools within the portal was developed, in this catalogue different tools are described and documented.
-Physical toolkit (arduino sensors) was developed together with supporting materials for a user-friendly integration of these technologies in several practical and field experiments. The supporting materials are deliver in the Moodle learning environment. 
-One virtual excursion (BOGA TOUR) was developed, with this we aim to provide technological solutions to host some other tools as documented in the inventory.


-A synthesis document to review referencing academic resources for marine programmes was prepared. 
- A prototype platform was developed to complete a prototype catalogue to distribute resources generated by the partners of the project and partners within IMBRSea.


As a multiplier event, the 1st International Conference on Ocean Education and Training was designed.