"OceanTraining.eu : a toolbox for digital ocean education" will develop a set of digital resources aimed for international education programmes in the field of Ocean Sciences.

With a consortium of 4 universities we plan to develop existing and new ideas which should support the targetted international education programmes. In addition we foresee that the outcomes of this project will also be usable on a broader scale (for example in the context of Life Long Learning initiatives or global capacity develop in the area of Ocean Science).

 The OceanTraining.eu toolbox will entail four categories of digital education instruments:

1. We will make available a set of fundamental online asynchronous courses in the field of Ocean Sciences. These courses will be unique in the sense that they are jointly developed and accepted by a consortium of European Universities.

2. An essential result linked to first point is a methodology for improvement of the online courses based on a internal review system. This methodology will be adapted to each of the courses developed and hosted in the MarineTraining.eu toolbox.

3. A Via the so called "Virtual Ocean lab" we want to gather existing virtual and remote alternatives which can be implemented in order to achieve learning outcomes linked to practical and field work.  

4. We want to initiate the development of a central registry for online marine education resources. Currently a lot of educational resources are being or having being developed all over the place. Many of these are not traceable because of the lack of a centralized repository in which educators can register their resources.